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Le Blond

by Le Blond

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While waiting for death to get me I might as well have a good time While waiting for death I might as well drink some wine Cuz my life was full of sorrow sorrow that was mine the sorrow I felt will never leave my mind So death why don't get me I've been ready for quite some time Death why don't you get me Just let me finish my win No real luck from the start. I was born with a troubled mind. Give me a chance and Trouble I will find My 1st big lov in life Was booze and not my wife My 2nd big love Tried to kill me twice
It’s mighty cold in here It’s mighty cold in here The walls are solid stone All I hear are other moan It’s mighty cold in here I thought she would always be my friend I thought she would always be my friend Somethings you can’t forgive It’s hard but I have to admit I thought she would always be my friend I should never have taken up the gun I should never have taken up the gun I didn’t shoot to kill Still don’t know and I never will Know why I reached for the gun She will always remember my name She will always remember my name I’m the one that killed her man He never had a chance She will always remember my name Tomorrow I’m gonna hang Tomorrow I’m gonna hang It’s all my own fault I wish I had never been at all Tomorrow I’m gonna hang
Summers song 03:33
I saw you dancing, naked in the pines Like no one was watching, to the music in your mind You were Smiling at me, in between the trees. never skipping beat with your beautiful feet Now where did you go, Why didn't I know How to follow along, when love comes around. For sweet summers music, only lasts for so long. like the sound of the rain, is singing the summers song Now I remember the darkness and the deep deep lake. I watched you sinking, being swallowed your fate I stood there alone, paralyzed and marooned. Couldn't move muscle, even if the Earth was erupting soon.
Down in the valley were the fields are green A girls was born with very big dreams She grew up in a world so mean Down in the valley, the valley of dreams. Down in the valley lived her mom and dad They never gave her love but they were all that she had They ruined their life being wasted and mad That's the story of her mom and dad OHH Unlucky Sue what happened to you? I know the world would be better if we had more like you. Down in the valley, there lived a king His powder kept all his puppets on a string The puppets they would do anything To get the hands on the powder from the king Down in the valley, the valley of greed No one got a chance to land on their feet And no one would help a girl in need Sue she knew, she had to leave Down in the valley, where the grass is green She grew up fast and she grew up mean Her life had turned her into a killing machine Hunting the men that hunted her dreams


Last year I started writing a country album...
Sadly I never finished it, but I'll share some of the songs with you here.


released August 25, 2020

Le Blond


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Le Blond Denmark

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